Family Name History

Learn the meaning, origin and earliest references to any of over 350,000 names. An authentic Coat of Arms assigned to the name is described at the bottom of each certificate. Available in 2 styles. Framing also available.

Family Name History $22.00
Family Name History, Classic edition. 11″ x 14″ Certificate stock. Learn the meaning, origin and earliest documented references to your last name. Names from all countries available.
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Family Name History – Framed $50.00
Our Classic edition Family Name History, ready to proudly display. Matted and Framed in a beautiful cherrywood stained frame with gold trim. 13 1/2″ x 16 1/2″.
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Celebration Scroll $42.00

A combination of the Name History and Coat of Arms on the same certificate.
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Celebration Scroll – Framed $86.00 

A framed certificate featuring the Name History and authentic Coat of Arms
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Family Tribute $100.00

Beautiful combination of the Family Name History and Coat of Arms, 14″ x 20″
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Mantelpiece Deluxe $190.00

The full color graphic print of the Coat of Arms double matted and framed with the Family Name History. 15″ x 27″ (Shipping and taxes included.)
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Anniversary Collection $145.00

A single gold frame containing the Anniversary Double Coat of Arms and two Family Name Histories 24″ x 24″
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