Are the Coat of Arms real?

Our Research Team

All of the Coats of Arms we offer, as well as the information in the Family Name Histories are true and correct , based on the ancient archives. We have the largest library of its kind in the world. Our researchers use that library to research all of the Arms and Name Histories we offer.

As far as being the “correct” Arms, people often mean “did those Arms belong to my genetic ancestor?” The great majority of us will never know, unless we have done our own personal family lineage tracing and found records of direct ancestors back to medieval Europe. We don’t claim that the Arms we offer for a name were given to our customer’s ancestor, but that the Arms we offer are documented as being associated with that name.

Many people are curious when they find different Coats of Arms for a name. The reason for more than one Coat of Arms for a name is that two unrelated people with the same name would have different Arms.
For example, a man named Clark in Shropshire would have a specific Coat of Arms. A man named Clark in York (and not related to the Shropshire Clarks) would be given different Arms. It’s how people could tell which Clark they were. For the name Clark, there are 121 authentic Coats of Arms from England.